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Welcome to BrookSongbird Records established in 2017 by songwriter and singer-pianist Rachel Brooks.

Rachel Brooks Alternative emotive Singer-Songwriter and Pianist from Chelmsford, Essex.  Latest release of the 'haunting track and vocals' of 'BREATHE' from a heartfelt and expolosive songwriting collaboration with Steve Mortimer, founder of 'The Black Chapel Collective' as featured on Sky News.  Also featured in the Livestream Performance at HotBox, Chelmsford March 2021.


Rachel is excited to bring you more of her own music in 2021 with her next personal release coming soon with 'Music makes the Heart Heal'. Writing since the age of 18 Rachel begun to release her original music officially in 2017 armed with a lifetime of beautiful songs to share with the world. Likened to the vocals of Kate Bush yet with her own unique style bringing a sound of pop/opera.....bringing a new sound to the music scene.  With special thanks to years of encouragement and opportunities from Shakey of 'Shakester Records' and Terry Crouch enabling Rachel to really hone her craft as a songwriter and performer.  Rachel is looking forward to further support and engagements with the aforementioned and Martin Jeffries and Steve Mortimer of Emjay Media.

'Stepping Stone' was written for Eurovision 2019.  Near to the closing date for submissions Rachel was keen to come up with something for this but as always these things cannot be pushed and so took a step back - and then the song was born!  Always writing from the heart and personal experiences this is a song about a past experience in which through the writing process the situation seemed to explain and present itself  about that particular period in her life.

Teaming up again with top producer Elliott Richardson to follow on with the big passionate production sound from Rachel's 2018 debut EP 'Dream Grower' - there was no other option in this quest for a UK Eurovision 2019 entry!  I hope you enjoy the song as much as i have writing and bringing it to life!

Writing since 1997 Rachel has built up a huge catalogue of songs of which she will be releasing some more very soon!

Check out the 'Bookings' page on here to see Rachel's next show.

Thanks for reading and listening and hope to see you at a performance soon!!

Rachel x